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So as of recently I have been trying to make my job as a Microsoft SQL DBA a little bit easier with regards to my day to day operations.  If you are a DBA you know this task is almost impossible to do.  But there are some tools out there that make what I do daily a bit easier to manage.  Below you will find links and a description of each tool.  If you have some tools that I haven’t listed I would love to hear about them!


1. Notepad++ – Link

Notepad.exe you are out.  Notepad++ you are in!  This tool is absolutely amazing.  You can use it to compare two files to see what the differences are.  For example say you wrote  a script then made some changes but didn’t really leave any notes you can use the compare feature to find out what is different.


2.SQL CO-Pilot – Link

This utility provides a large set of reports to tell you about the health and statistics of your database.  This tool is a plugin for SQL Studio Management System.  Once you install it simply highlight the instance in question right click and BOOM you have information front and center.  This tool is especially helpful in determining what databases have or have not been backed up.


3. sp_Blitz by Brent Ozar Unlimited – Link

sp_Blitz is absolutely amazing.  It’s so awesome that I’m not even going to detail what it is or what it does.  Click the link and discover the magic.

4. Dell Spotlight Essentials (Free) – Link

This is another awesome utility for monitoring the health of your SQL server. Each month they send an email outlining the performance and health stats of all the database files in my SQL instance.  It will provide suggestions about adding indexes and other best practice topics.


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