So this past week I found myself in class sitting through a SQL 2012 class for the second time in the past year. I was not pleased at all with this second class simply because I had a terrible teacher who failed to stay on point. But I was learning none the less.  So during the class I was thinking about how I would like to extend my knowledge but I am not sure of what technologies or languages I’d like to learn.

Back in the late 90’s through the 2000’s I was a web designer until I got burned out on it. Then in 2007 got back into IT working the Help Desk, in 2009 I got my lucky break and transitioned into being a  DBA.  I was thinking is I’d take a month or so and refresh on my HTML skills and get updated on HTML 5 and CSS 3.  This choice makes the most sense to me and also helps satisfy my ‘I NEED IT NOW!!!’ mentality.  Now back to the question of learning a new language. I’ve been toying with the idea of learning C# because it would benefit me a great deal in working with SharePoint and even in SQL with some really cool ways to solve complicated problems or limitations in SQL Reporting that I sometimes run across.

The plus side is I have the rest of my life to learn and as long as PluralSight offers $30.00 a month training on unlimited topics I”m going to continue to learn.

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