Deploying Excel Reports in Dynamics GP 2013 – 2

So yesterday we walked through the process of deploying the built in Excel reports that come packaged with Dynamics.  Today we are going to complete that process and deploy the SQL reports. 

So the first thing we do is return to the Reporting Tools setup window as shown in the screen below.

Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > System > Reporting Tools Setup


In the window you will need to populate some basic information about your reporting server.  The first is what mode your reporting server is set to.  In our test environment we are using a Native reporting server.  The other option is for SharePoint enabled reporting environments.

The next thing to populate are your reporting server addresses. 

Report Server – http://servername/ReportServer

Report Server Manager – http://servername/reports


Then you will see the company you are deploying the reports for.  In the credentials section you have to options for report security.  In the example I left mine set to the default as Windows Credentials.   So now you have the basics you simply click on Deploy Reports.


During the deployment process you will see a status bar indicating your progress during the deployment.  Once the deployment is complete you are brought back to the Reporting Tools Setup Window.  Simply click OK and you are done.

Once complete you should open up IE and browse out to your reporting server and discover something that looks like this.


2 thoughts on “Deploying Excel Reports in Dynamics GP 2013 – 2

  1. AIC Reply

    Great article…How do you attach a SSRS report to a GP window , for example the “Cash Receipts” windows in GP 2016 ?

    • Post authorReply

      Thank you! To be honest in our environment we run all of our SSRS objects directly from the reporting server. But this does sound like something that would be very useful. I’ll find out and let you know my results.

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