Moving on Up!!

So I’ve been slacking on my posting these past couple of weeks because I have been so busy at work.  I thought I was at the finish line with this new company project and then in typical “My Luck” fashion I’m hit with a large punch to the gut.  This punch is extra painful because I am on a very tight schedule and really need to make my go-live date.

The quick and dirty version is that because of this new company purchase we are going to be at the maximum number of employees that we are licensed for in the HR & Payroll suite in Dynamics.  The only option for us was to make the switch to Microsoft’s new perpetual licensing model which means that we will now have unlimited number of employees in Dynamics.  The problem here is that we must upgrade to GP 2013 which is not something you really want to rush through.

GP upgrades are something we normally test through 2 or 3 times several months in advance but I only have until the 8th of October to get it done, and during that period I will not be able to do any testing during the week of the 27th because of month end and quarter end.  Did I mention that this also means updating all of our mission critical lob applications?  Did I also mention this means building a new data warehouse and new SQL servers? 

The only plus side to all of this is that I’ll have plenty of new technical blog post during this process so my visitors you’ll have lots to learn.

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