OMG!!! I Might Be Speaking

In 2015 one of my goals was to network more with the SQL community both locally at my local users group but also branch out a bit to some events outside of my normal comfort zones.  So I’m going to be attending SQL Saturday #396 in Dallas in May.  Then in June I will be attending SQL Saturday #408 in Houston and of course I don’t want to forget the one here in Oklahoma City which doesn’t have a link yet. 

Another one of my goals was I thought it would be kind of neat to give a presentation at the local users group meeting but I really couldn’t think of a topic to present on that I was 100% comfortable with.  But that has all changed and I have and idea.  I’ve got to get some permissions worked out with my job because I’d actually like to demo this talk using live data in our environment.  Then I need to submit the idea to the group and get it approved which I’m not even sure what the process is.  I’m not going to detail what my talk will be about until I’ve confirmed 100% that I can use the data I want and my submitted session has been approved.  I’ll keep everyone posted!  Also please wish me luck!

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  1. Jonathan P Cox Reply

    Well a most excellent start in the process. The CFO advised using our live environment for my demo would not be a problem. Now to get started building my demo servers. 🙂

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