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By a show of hands how many of you all realized that Dynamics has a table in the system database that stores  a list of error codes and their associated messages and which stored procedure is producing the message.

If you are like me odds are when you encounter an error the first thing you do is open up Google and search the error, especially if it’s one you haven’t seen before.  Well any rate I think this could be really useful in trouble shooting so I thought I would share a couple of items with you.

1. I added an index on the code field as a covering index.  It’s non-clustered but unique.

2. I created a VIEW to reference the table so you don’t have to give full permission to the table in question.

I was going to create a simple SQL report for this and I still may but I ran out of time.


You will find the links to SQL code below.  If you prefer to skip the code and wish to access the table directly it is dbo.[GPS_SQL_Error_Codes] in the system database.

The Link

3 thoughts on “Dynamics GP Error Table

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  2. HW Reply

    You may also need to check table DYNAMICS.dbo.taErrorCode
    It contains error codes for eConenect stored procedures

    • jcox@hexoma.com Post authorReply

      I didn’t know that existed. Thank you!

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