Missing Indexes

So one of the things I love about Microsoft SQL server is that it will tell you about potential missing indexes in SQL that might help your queries perform better.  Now word to the wise do not run out and create every index it tells you to because you will eventually cross a threshold of to many indexes and then you’re left with a pile of unused indexes and no one wants that.

This link right here will take you to the MSDN article and tell you all fancy stuff you’d like to know about this cool little feature. So with that being said when I want to see what SQL is suggesting at a very quick detail level I run the following script.

SELECT * FROM sys.dm_db_missing_index_details

Which gives me kind a quick and dirty look at it. Important thing to note is that this information is erased every time you restart SQL so it’s a good idea to run this script every day or two and see how your values change.


Also here is a link to the limitations of the Missing Index features in Microsoft SQL.

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