Adding Indicators to a Report in SSRS

I’m working on building some sample reports using the test company inside of Dynamics GP 2015 and one of the things I wanted to do on some of my reports was add a little visualization to the reports.  I didn’t want to add a chart or a graph for these items, just a simple visual indicator if the values are good / meh / ugly.  Well oddly enough as luck would have it, the process is painless.  See the example below.


The first thing to do is add a column to the report.  In my instance I inserted mine right after Credit Limit.  Then you will expand the Toolbox and select Indicator and drag and drop it into the data row on that freshly added column.


The next thing you will be tasked with is choosing the style you want.  The choice is yours.  Once the style is selected then we need to click on the indicator, then right click and select the Indicator Properties.


What I’ve done here is selected the field I want to indicate on, then set my measurement type to be a numeric.  This allows me to specify the dollar amount to base my indicator values on.  So keeping with the Green – Good / Yellow – Meh / Red – Ugly thought I set my values.  Now these numbers are all just basic values but with your own data you will to fine the MIN and MAX values so you can scale accordingly.  If you want to make the scale a bit wider simply click on ADD and boom you have a new row. When you are done click on OK.

Here is my finished product.


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    • Jonathan P Cox Reply

      There is a property you can set that won’t make it stretch in that fashion. I can not remember exactly what it’s called but I’d be glad to look it up for you.

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