This has been a crazy week in the SQL world.  Microsoft hit us with a bombshell early on in the week with the announcement that Microsoft SQL Server 2016 will be able to run on Linux. This is a continued shift in Microsoft’s path into Open Source stack.  You can read all about it here.  Then yesterday was the Data Driven event put on by Microsoft.  It was a 3 hour presentation about the launch of SQL 2016 and the new direction they are taking with SQL.  The high point for me was the awesome response MS SQL Server had to a tweet I sent out.




I was pleasantly surprised by the response.  Moving on now, Microsoft release SQL Server 2016 RC0 to the public this week.  I’ve downloaded it and got it setup on my test lab.  For me the really big thing is all the new improvements to SSRS.  The awesome integration coming along for Power BI is just fantastic.



I’m a huge fan of Power BI so much in fact I’ taking a 4 week training class on it at the end I will then hopefully be certified in the use of Power BI.

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