So in my blog post today I’m going to talk about the CHOOSE function inside of Microsoft SQL Server.  This function was introduced with the release of SQL 2012 and while I don’t use it all that often I thought it would be nice to bring it up. The image below is exactly what comes to my mind when I think of this function.



So what is this CHOOSE I speak of?  It’s simply allows you to specify a set of values in a query and then select the option you want back.  You can get the complete breakdown of this function from Microsoft by clicking here.


The Code:

So using the AdventureWorks2016 database I am going to write out a simple CHOOSE function against the Production.Product table.  To help further drive the concept I provided 3 examples of how it works.



The Point:

As you can see it’s a fairly simple way to provide some logic to a query.  I know in my day to day I’m often asked to display the same data different ways while management decides on how they want it.  With this I only code it once and then specify my results at the end.  The Microsoft link I shared at the intro has some great examples.

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