Dynamics GP Integration Manager–Faster Integrations

In working with Microsoft Dynamics GP chances are you are going to need to import data into GP using the Dynamics GP Integration Manager or other methods using SSIS.  Now my second assumption is that during this process the import can take a bit of time, especially if you are importing large amounts of data or the data being inserted is against multiple tables.

So I wanted to see what Microsoft suggest for dealing with slow integrations and oddly enough I didn’t see a tip that I expected to see. Below is the verbiage from the Integration Manager manual for Dynamics GP 2013.


While these suggestions are handy, one thing I didn’t see referenced was the recovery model of the database.  Chances are your database will be in Simple Recovery or Full Recovery mode but there is a 3rd option that isn’t really talked about all that much best I can tell from searching the Internet on this topic.

In comes Bulk-logged recovery model.  This model is designated specifically to support bulk operations just like you get with Integration Manager.  I won’t dive into the depths of the recovery model but here is a link to all the in depth information on it from Microsoft Technet.

So the next time you have a large import it may be worth the time to discuss switching to the bulk-logged recovery model and you may find that you shave some time off the process which is always a win for anyone.

* I just want to note that if you have a dedicated DBA you will want to discuss with him before making this change!!

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