Dynamics gp table information

Today I wanted to write up a quick post about the table structures in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  This is part of my Quick Bites series I started some months back.  When I first became a DBA working with Dynamics GP I was really taken back by the pure number of tables within GP, and I found it to be one of the 1st challenges to learning Dynamics.


Table Type Physical Name Abbreviation Technical Name
Master 000-099 MSTR
Work 100-199 WORK
Open 200-299 OPEN
History 300-399 HIST
Setup 400-499 SETP
Temp 500-599 TEMP
Relation 600-699 REL
Report Options 700-799 ROPT


You can get a full break down of what each of these table contains by downloading the Microsoft Dynamics GP System Administrators Guide from Microsoft.  It’s been son long since I’ve downloaded the documentation that I can’t recall if you will need to login to Customer Source or not.

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