Back in September Steve Endow (t|b) posted an image that caught my eye and sparked a brief discussion about this environment.  This struck me really odd that a company would chose to use a naming convention like this given that it would be really hard to trouble shoot or let alone audit activity.


The way the environment was explained is that each Dynamics GP user in the organization would login to GP via a terminal server session using the same above account named mapped out in Active Directory.  Then the user would launch Dynamics GP and login using the same account name.  So think about this for a minute, if a Suzie in accounting has a hung session and you need to manually end that task which dynamics.exe do you end?  It was mentioned that sometimes they wouldn’t know and randomly guessed which session was the one in question, which creates an entire new set of headaches especially if batch posting was going on.

So I thought about it and came to the conclusion that perhaps while the login was really obscure and cloudy that the users name might be supplied in the Full Name in the setup card. Now this seems logical in a large organization where people may constantly be coming and going.  Instead of creating new accounts all the time simply change the full name of the user.


Now the question is how would one get this information without the need to be constantly logging in and out of Dynamics to access this card?  Well lucky for us this information can be found with very minimal effort by using the following SQL code which runs against two tables in the Dynamics database.  When you execute this SQL your results will be shown in the 2nd screen capture below.

SQL Results


















This is a fairly simple way to cut through the clutter when helping users in a large organization without needing to be in and out of Dynamics GP.



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