Mass Vendor Inactivation Script

Every year after we install the year end update we then set about cleaning up our Dynamics GP environment by inactivating vendors and customers who we haven’t interacted with in the previous 12 months.  It helps keep users from accidently choosing wrong customer or vendor when entering transactions, and it also helps reduce data sprawl.  So without further distraction here is the script I run to inactivate vendors in Dynamics GP.

The script checks to see all vendors who last had a check issued 12 months back and the last purchase date falls within 12 months as well. The script also checks to ensure the vendors are active and have a current balance of $0.00.  If you want to change the date ranges simply modify them in the WHERE clause at the bottom.


3 thoughts on “Mass Vendor Inactivation Script

  1. Post authorReply

    Also note that in my script I have –UPDATE. The reason is so I don’t accidently run the update script before I have validated all of my arguments in the WHERE clause.

  2. Victoria Yudin Reply

    This may depend on your workflow and what modules you’re using, but I would also check to make sure the vendor is not on an unposted transaction or open PO/Receipt prior to inactivating them.

    • Jonathan Cox Reply

      In my environment I’m lucky to work with very diligent users who stay on top of these things. This is usually the 1st step we take right before closing AP. But your point remains very valid especially in a larger environment that is really busy. Thank you for the insight.

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