Error e-Filing SUTA with Greenshades

Yesterday I encountered what at first felt like a really odd and confusing error message when we attempted to file SUTA for the ending quarter of 2016.

The error shown below states that the employee in question has an invalid SUTA state setup in their tax options.


So I open up Dynamics and locate the employee state tax information. Human Resources & Payroll > Cards > State Tax and select the employee in question.  Confirm with the users that yes all information here is correct.


So knowing Greenshades has amazing support I decide to save time because by all accounts everything looks correct.  So we ring them up and I get a great support person on the line.  We spend about 30 minutes looking things over before they start gathering some debug information.  It was funny they created the error message but no present KB article detailing what might throw the error.  Then near the end of information gathering we opened the employee card.


While sitting in the room with our HR & Controller it was quickly noted that for some reason on the Employee Card the SUTA state information was blank.  Now it’s important to note that when examined the SUTA status of this employee we saw a state selected.  We populated the correct information and saved the record.


We then went back and tried the E-FILE process one more time and wham-o, no errors.  So if you happen to ever run across this error I hope you find this information helpful.

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