Playing with checks Part 1–Find Check Number

Todays post is going to explore gathering some basic information about checks inside of Dynamics GP.  The reason this topic came up is fairly simple. My CFO asked me to help locate a check number for him and then he wanted to know if the check cleared and what date the check cleared. So lets dive into it.

The first thing I needed to provide was a check number. So I open GP and head over to purchasing as seen below. The first thing you notice under reports on the right side is an item named Check Information.


So in this demo we want to find a check number we issued to Associated Insurance. I open the report and click on New under the Options section of this window. This is where I am going to specify some options for the report.


In my report options window I give the option a name, in this instance the options we are setting will be for me to search for a specific vendor. The next thing I choose is my ranges which as mentioned will be by vendor name. I type in the vendor name and it populates the From & To options. I then click on insert.


The next thing I address will be the destination of the report. Since I may want to print this report out and then again I may not, I set the option to ask me each time I run this report. I also set the option to print to screen.  When I’m done I click on OK and then click on the save button in the options button.


Now I’m back to my report window and my CheckByVendor option is present. I click on insert and then hit the print button in the ribbon.


When my report prints out I can now see my check number.



In the next part of this quick two part series I’ll guide you through using a Smart List to obtain when a check cleared. It’s super easy to get knocked out.

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