Playing with checks Part 2–Did it clear?

So in my previous post we walked through setting up a report to print out all the checks issued to a particular vendor so we could locate a check number.  When we left off the next question we wanted to know was when the check cleared.  I found an easy way via SmartList to gather that information and I’ll show you how.

With Dynamics open lets open up our SmartList. Microsoft Dynamics GP > SmartList



When you have the SmartList open you will need to drill down to Financial > Bank Transactions.


The next thing we are going to do is add two columns to this SmartList object. The two columns we are going to add are the Audit Trail Code and Cleared Date.  The Audit Trail is what we can use if we need to narrow our search down a bit.


We now have our two additional columns added to our SmartList object.


To use the audit trail code we click on the search button and enter our information.




2 thoughts on “Playing with checks Part 2–Did it clear?

  1. Albert Trotter Reply

    i had tried your previous post trick where i could see my check number when my report got printed …i will definitely try your this smart list too

    • Post authorReply

      Great deal. Let me know how it works for you. I find myself stumbling around in GP so I was really thrilled on the SmartList because it was really easy to find it.

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