So over the past months I’ve submitted sessions that have been accepted but I honestly regret submitting them because right now folks I feel on E.  I feel like every wakening moment of my time is spent with get this session in or get these talks done.I’ve been working with computers since I can recall and I always said that when it became a job to I would no longer do it. Then this evening I saw a photo from a relative that sparked me back up.  Their misfortunate reminded me that from time to time it’s okay to just run out of fuel.



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  1. Rachel Dallis Reply

    Very well spoken. I said the same thing about my time at the DA’s Office and recently ran out of gas. I made the switch to my own practice and we shall see if that is the refuel I need. Who knows? I know running out of my gas today in my actual car was pretty entertaining though. 😂😂😂

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