Integrity Data E-Mail Suite–Obscure Error

Welcome back folks, today’s topic is centered around the Integrity Data E-Mail Suite software package for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  It has taken us a while but we’re really starting to let go of manual processes at the job and make life easier for the end users. The setup of the product was easy and really straightforward.  Moving on we get ready to run our first batch of payroll with our new time saving software… The first batch was roughly 110 employees.  We watched the software create all the earnings statement and then at the completion of processing we expected the error report to come back blank but to my surprise we got the below message.




I emailed support and was given a list of things to examine to try and correct the error. Below is the verbiage of that KB document.  I did end up switching from a UNC path to a mapped drive to just rule out Windows closing the connection to the share during processing. I’d also like to note how quick support was to get back with me, it was crazy fast less than 2 hours or so.




Having tried all the suggestions and ruling out and performance issues with this VM I asked our IT Manager Sam to take a look at this with me.  I walked him through how I had this setup which we agreed was fine, we then went through the processing portion of this and watched various things to see if we could identify anything that just looked out of place. We started our 3rd run through this process and then it dawned on us that perhaps it’s not anything performance related at all.  Perhaps since we are using SMTP the Exchange server was limiting us..  I had thought about this early on but put it aside and never even bothered to look into that thought.

We investigated the Exchange side and quickly learned that our issue was a default limitation of the Receive Connector.  Basically we flood the mail server with emails to send but in our instance the default for the connector was set to 5 message.  We updated this value to 500 and ran our process again and this time it completed with no errors for all the records in the batch.

In conclusion I’m going to submit this information over to Integrity Data as I didn’t see any mention of this in their documentation, which I may have just missed.  I would strongly advise if you are not using this product you are missing out!  Regardless of our obscure issue, the product is solid and amazingly user friendly.

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